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Called this company from a recommendation on homeadvisor.com for a foul smell coming from the A/C vents. The Team of Will & Tony showed up on time the very next day & spent over 3 hours cleaning 9 vents & 1 intake. They even disassembled covers on the HVAC unit in a 90 plus degree attic while they attempted to remove a foul smelling decomposing rodent or perhaps a lizard. They did not perform any futher disassembly of the HVAC unit when it was determined where the smell was originating from. I will have to call an HVAC specialist for that.  I was very pleased with their professionalism & efforts they made. I would highly recommend AIRE by Veterans !!!

From a Yelp Review

Great customer service on phone. Repairmen were actually early and were so polite and efficient. Highly recommend. Will hire again for any of my household needs.

From a FaceBook Review

I hired this company to clean a large number of ducts in a multi-level unit. The quality was top-notch and customer service was excellent, from the initial booking to the technicians who performed the service. The price was extremely competitive and included add-ons for which other companies would charge a separate fee. The workers even helped out with cleaning up a small water leak at my condenser line without asking! AIRE by Veterans is highly recommended and I will definitely keep them on my list for future projects!  From a HomeAdvisor Review

The AIRE by veterans were an important hire for the job because you can never thank veterans enough for their service for our country. They arrived exactly on time and performed the job in a timely manner. Impressive photos were then sent by the owner to me instantly via text upon completion of their work with before and after shots of the vents and dryer ducts. Let me tell you they cleaned out some really gross stuff. Perfect rating for the work performance and we will hire them again to protect our children from dust, molds, and allergens that develop over time in vents causing illness. Nobody enjoys sick babies and unnecessary hospital trips. Definitely worth the fair price. When parents stay home with multiple sick children the financial loss may quickly outweigh the simple yearly cleaning of air ducts, and dryer vents. Also very important to prevent potential fires and clean out the dryer vent yearly. Thank you for your service AIRE. Highly recommend them.

From a HomeAdvisor Review